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Let's All Drink and Do Broadway (season 8)

I'll be performing in this "improv meets musical theatre meets drinking" show with a group of amazing performers! Each show will not be the same as the order (and improv games associated with each number) will all be decided by a wheel! It sounds scary for those performing, but it's honestly one the best times I've ever had when performing onstage. I've been with this crew for about 4 seasons and I guarantee it'll be a great time! The show is a 21+ event. Get tickets / more information below:

Seattle Cabaret Festival (2024)

I'll be one of many acts performing during the Seattle Cabaret Festival this year! My set during this festival will be called "MAKE IT POP!" where I'll perform pop songs that shaped the performer that I am today. I'll be co-headlining with Matthew Stull (on Thursday, May 30th) and Gretchen Rumbaugh (on Saturday, June 1st). I'm extremely excited as not only will this be my first solo cabaret set but I'll also get to have my longtime friend, Denise Duque, be my piano accompanist for these shows as well! Get tickets / more information below.

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